Herzlich willkommen auf der Website der Koordinationsgruppe gegen die Todesstrafe von Amnesty International.

Amnesty wendet sich in allen Fällen vorbehaltlos gegen die Todesstrafe – ohne Ausnahme und unabhängig davon, welche Straftat jemand begangen hat, was der Täter für ein Mensch ist oder welche Hinrichtungsmethode ein Staat anwendet.

Verbrechen müssen geahndet werden. Strafen dürfen aber nie Leben und Würde des Menschen antasten. Es gibt keinen Beweis dafür, dass die Todesstrafe eine stärkere Abschreckungswirkung hat als eine Haftstrafe.

Amnesty versucht, Menschen vor Exekutionen zu retten und kämpft weltweit für die Abschaffung der Todesstrafe in Gesetz und Praxis.

Jemen: Drohende Hinrichtung eines Minderjährigen verhindern

Amnesty International today issued an urgent appeal to Yemen’s President to halt the execution of a child offender, which is scheduled to be carried out this Saturday. In addition to writing to President ‚Ali ‚Abdullah Saleh, the organization has also issued an Urgent Action on behalf of the now 19-year-old man. Hafez Ibrahim is facing Weiterlesen

Clock ticking on China’s Olympic pledge

As the one year countdown to the Beijing Olympics begins, time is running out for the Chinese government to fulfil its promise of improving human rights in the run-up to the Games. Amnesty International’s latest report finds that several Beijing-based activists continue to face ‚house arrest‘ and tight police surveillance, while those in other parts Weiterlesen

Saudi-Arabien: Minderjähriger Straftäter enthauptet

Amnesty International is outraged at the recent beheading of a child offender in Saudi Arabia. According to press reports, the execution took place in the city of Taif on 21 July 2007. Dhahian Rakan al-Sibai’i was sentenced to death for a murder he allegedly committed when he was just 15 years old. He was held Weiterlesen

Ruanda schafft die Todesstrafe ab

Amnesty International today welcomed the promulgation of legislation by Rwanda to abolish the death penalty. Rwanda is the first country in the Great Lakes region to abolish the death penalty and strongly confirmed the worldwide trend to end capital punishment by becoming the 100th country to abolish the death penalty in law, with another 30 Weiterlesen

USA/Texas: Harris County – ein County, 100 Hinrichtungen

One of the cruellest anomalies of the modern system of capital punishment: Geography means everything (Houston Chronical) In 1969, „Houston“ became the first word to be spoken by a human being on the moon, beginning astronaut Neil Armstrong’s famous message back to earth. Four decades later, the City of Houston, or rather Harris County where both Weiterlesen

Iran/Minderjähriger: Hinrichtung Sina Paymard

UPDATE 18 July 2007: Amnesty has heard from Sina Paymard’s lawyer that he was not executed last night, but his family have 10 days to reach a financial settlement with the victim’s kin. If the money is not raised, then they are determined to have Sina executed. Further information will be posted here as soon as Weiterlesen

Libyen wandelt Todesurteile der Heilberufler um

Today’s announcement that the Libyan authorities have commuted the death sentences on six foreign medics is a very welcome, but overdue and insufficient step, Amnesty International said. The six — a Palestinian doctor and five Bulgarian nurses — have been in prison since 1999 and under sentence of death since 2004 for allegedly infecting hundreds Weiterlesen

Taiwan/Justizirrtum: Hsichih-Trio erneut zum Tode verurteilt

amnesty international bedauert zutiefst, dass Liu Ping-lang, Su Chien-ho und Chuang Lin-hsün am 29. Juni 2007 zum Tode verurteilt worden sind und das Gerichtsurteil, das auf Unschuld lautete, verworfen wurde. amnesty international ist der Auffassung, dass die Angeklagten in den letzten 16 Jahren, in denen der Fall im taiwanesischen Gerichtssystem anhängig war, wiederholt unter Fehlurteilen Weiterlesen

Iran: amnesty international empört über Steinigung

Amnesty International today expressed outrage at the reported execution by stoning of Ja’far Kiani on 5 July 2007 in the village of Aghche-kand, near Takestan in Iran’s Qazvin province. The organization urged the Head of the Judiciary, Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi, to immediately intervene to prevent the execution by stoning of Mokarrameh Ebrahimi, a woman convicted Weiterlesen