Todesstrafe vs. Menschenrechte: Todesstrafe abschaffen, warum?

The time has come to abolish the death penalty worldwide. The case for abolition becomes more compelling with each passing year. Everywhere experience shows that executions brutalize those involved in the process. Nowhere has it been shown that the death penalty has any special power to reduce crime or political violence. In country after country, it is used disproportionately against the poor or against racial or ethnic minorities. It is also used as a tool of political repression. It is imposed and inflicted arbitrary. It is an irrevocable punishment, resulting inevitably in the execution of people innocent of any crime. It is a violation of fundamental human rights.

Over the past decade an average of at least three countries a year have abolished the death penalty, affirming respect for human life and dignity.(2) Yet too many governments still believe that they can solve urgent social or political problems by executing a few or even hundreds of their prisoners. Too many citizens in too many countries are still unaware that the death penalty offers society not further protection but further brutalization. Abolition is gaining ground, but not fast enough.

THE DEATH PENALTY V. HUMAN RIGHTS | Why Abolish the Death Penalty?
AI Index: ACT 51/002/2007 (Public)
1 September 2007

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